Veterinarians recommend at least annual wellness visits, depending on your pet’s age and health. Pets age more quickly than humans, so regular check-ups catch potential issues early—before they turn into a more serious condition. Routine evaluations establish a normal baseline for your pet, making it easy to spot abnormalities in the future (check out this article… and this one too… ok, last one). Plus, your pet needs certain vaccinations, which Vetter will make sure they get on time. We want to keep your pet on track for a long and healthy life!

Yes! Our team has completed hundreds (if not thousands) of these procedures and would be happy to provide more information on recommended timing, costs, and recovery process.

At this time, we do not offer appointments for exotics. We concentrate on where we’re comfortable—cats and dogs. In the meantime, check out UPenn’s Exotic Companion Animal Medicine group.

We prefer to leave grooming to the pros, so at this time we do not offer grooming services.