Happy Husky

Welcoming the New Year means new challenges, embracing opportunities and working to achieve goals. Many people make a New Year’s Resolution to live a healthier life; this may entail a better diet, more exercise, and losing some unwanted weight. Not only should we as humans aspire to be the best version of ourselves, but we should want the best year yet for our furry friends! A few things to focus on as we engulf ourselves in our to-do lists, plans for 2020, and steps towards meeting our goals is our pet’s overall health, happiness and sleep.

Entering 2020 means that your pet should go for an annual visit, to review general health and address any issues to a skilled Veterinarian in Philadelphia. After all, our pets need us to advocate for them and protect their health! Common questions and topics to address should be your pet’s diet/weight, behavior and activity levels, and medications (if applicable). Pets should be consuming the correct amount of food, a food that is suitable for any health condition, for example, Diabetes, and contains proper nutrients to keep your pet healthy and strong. The Veterinarian will be able to recommend an appropriate diet if the current one is not suitable. Keeping your pet active is also important to improve musculoskeletal health, support a strong cardiopulmonary system and your pet’s overall emotional and mental health. Just like humans, pets need activity and social interaction. A great way to get your pet moving is go for a walk, buy a safe pet-friendly “busy” toy, or taking your dog to a dog-friendly park. As your pet ages, it becomes more pertinent that they visit the Veterinarian annually for a health check-up, as some animals are more prone to conditions such as heart disease, hip/spinal complications and visual deficits. A professional should address any concerns you have for your furry friend, and do not be afraid to speak up! A procedure or medication could be the solution, and in some cases, a change in routine or environmental modifications could be a quick fix!

Make it a personal goal to address your pet’s health and well-being in 2020. Take your dog for a walk for 15-20 minutes every day, cuddle with your cat on the couch while you watch an episode of Friends, mark on your calendar the days that your pet needs their flea/tick treatment. These are simple ways to address your pet’s activity level, emotional state, and a stable medical status. Each year we set out to better ourselves and pursue a goal or a dream. Our pets need the same opportunity in order to stretch their longevity and live each day happily with the most important thing in their lives: you!