Dog smiling

We all want that pearly white smile, but we all dread a visit with the dentist. Despite the dread, and sometimes anxiety, we make the appointment and we go get a dental exam and cleaning. As children, we are told to brush and floss twice daily, and to rinse our mouth so that our teeth are strong, our breath is fresh and our gums are healthy. Well, the same goes for our furry friends! As some of the best veterinarians in Philadelphia we want to emphasize how important it is to keep their mouths healthy too!

We often think about a trip to the veterinarian’s office as a wellness visit; to catch up on medication refills, check your pet’s weight, and make sure there are no underlying issues. But what we sometimes overlook is the importance of our pet’s dental health. Over time, our pet may develop tartar and plaque around the teeth and gums, as well as an odor to their breath. Just like humans, dogs and cats can develop dental diseases and conditions such as Periodontal disease, tooth root abscess, loose or cracked teeth, and swollen/inflamed gums. It is important to not only be proactive and take care of your pet’s dental needs, but to also be aware of signs and symptoms of poor dental health. That’s exactly what our vets do at Indy Vet Care!

When it comes to the health of our pet’s teeth, it is quite simple to stay on top of it. Brushing your pet’s teeth almost daily can decrease the risk for development of plague or tartar, and will allow your pet to keep their teeth strong and healthy, as well as support the health of their gums and tongue. Purchase a toothbrush and paste designed for dogs and cats; they have smaller and softer bristles to clean and to avoid causing damage. When brushing, make small circular motions along the pet’s teeth and focus on areas that touch the pet’s cheek, as most of the tartar and bacteria lives there. Lift up the dog’s lips for thoroughness, and complete brushing with cleaning the inside of the teeth and around the gums to collect dislodged particles.

If in doubt, contact your veterinarian with any questions on brushing your pet’s teeth, especially if your pet has any underlying dental health issues. If your pet is experiencing any serious symptoms, such as lack or loss of appetite, difficulty eating and drinking, bleeding gums, visibly loose teeth, discoloration of a tooth or inflammation in the gums, contact your vet for an appointment. It’s always a good idea to schedule a checkup to make sure your pet’s teeth are staying healthy and strong! We pride ourselves on providing detailed care and attention to pets and their dental needs.

We offer teeth cleaning services that are thorough and effective to help keep your pets’ mouth healthy! Your pet may need more serious attention to their mouth so that they too can be happy with a pearly white smile. So, if you’re looking for a dog teeth cleaning in Philadelphia, PA, schedule your appointment with Indy Vet Care today!