Cat being brushed

4 Proven Tips to Control Shedding in Cats & Dogs

Pets have more empathy and love than most humans, which makes the trouble of controlling their shedding all the more tasking. You often find tons of fur on the floor or couch, where your best friend lies. Is it possible to control shedding? Yes, absolutely! Consider these four proven ways to reduce shedding in cats and dogs.

1. Refine the Diet

Poor diet contributes significantly to the loss of hair and fur in both cats and dogs. In cats, poor nutrition yields a brittle and dry coat with loosely attached hairs. You can reach out to inquire about our veterinary services in Philadelphia to find the right food for your pet. It is recommended that 45% of their food should be protein and 25-40% fats. If you are unsure what your pet needs, ask Indy Vet for input on recommended calorie intake.

You might also consider incorporating omega-3 and 6 fatty acids in their diet. These fats nourish the hair follicles and mitigate unnecessary shedding. Olive oil is a good source of these omega fatty acids.

One teaspoon per 10lbs of molasses also works well to reduce superfluous shedding.

2. Brush Regularly

Frequent brushing of your canine or cat will reduce the volume of floating hair on the skin. This significantly reduces the number of hairs that are shed.

Brushing also gets rid of lint and other dirt particles that may contaminate the hair coat. It can also rejuvenate your pet and aids in its grooming. Pay attention to the size of the brush to avoid injuring your pet.

3. Think About A Bath

Some warm running water through your cat or dog will eliminate loose, dying, and dead hair alongside other lint that is likely to be shed unnecessarily. While bathing your pup or feline, be keen to use pet-friendly shampoo to nourish their coat.

4. Hydration

Water nourishes the hair and fur in both cats and dogs. Well, it’s not that easy to get a cat to drink water. However, you could adopt moist food in the diet. Wet food is estimated to furnish 3.7-4.5ounces of water to the animal.

You can also give them water directly in a bowl. However, place the water bowl in a raised position to avoid drenching the kennel/cage.

Hair shedding is a natural phenomenon in both cats and dogs. However, be on the watch for excessive shedding. Your pet could be ill or have infected skin. In such circumstances, contact Indy Vet’s Fishtown animal hospital to help with your pet care and treatment. Visit us and have your pet join the countless happy and healthy pets we’ve cared for.