Scared dog

Understand Your Pets Fear

Our practice is committed to low stress handling techniques. Here’s why — and how you can help reduce your pets stress. Anytime your pet feels threatened, whether that threat is real or imagined, changes occur immediately within his or her body to prepare for fight or flight. These changes occur because your pet’s nervous system

Dog Food

How to Handle Food Guarding

What is food guarding? When a dog becomes very defensive while eating food, chewing on a bone or toy, or eating a treat, we call it food guarding. It can also be called food aggression, resource aggression or resource guarding. While the exact cause of food guarding has not been determined, one theory suggests that

Dog Surgery

Confronting the Pain of Cancer in Your Pet

A diagnosis of cancer carries many scary things with it, including the likelihood that your pet is in pain. Your veterinarian in Philadelphia will work with you to create a pain management plan to keep your pet comfortable during treatment. Here are some pointers to keep in mind as you discuss this plan with your

Pet Health

Q&A – Pet Dental Health

February is National Pet Dental Health month! To celebrate, we’re answering a few basic questions about dog dental health: So when do dogs have adult teeth? Do they just keep their baby ones? When they’re young, puppies have a set of milk teeth, or deciduous teeth, they use to nurse and eventually eat solid food

Cat Laying on Back

Spinal Health in Your Pets

Keeping your pet healthy can be a challenge, but if you are aware of the signs and symptoms of a health issue, you can be proactive. One of the most common concerns among pet owners, specifically cat and dog owners, is spinal health and issues with the spine. Some of the common signs and symptoms

Winter Safety For Pets

As the cold months grace us with their presence, it is important to be well informed, so we are able to keep our furry friends safe from possible dangers. We love our pets, and although they may love to frolic in the snow or venture outside with the kids, it may not be the smartest