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Your pets are important to you, and that’s why you want to give them the best care. It is important to know what your pet is vulnerable to when they go outside. Just like humans needing flu shots to avoid getting the flu, pets need treatments to prevent them from picking up parasites. This is especially important if your pet frequents going outside or being around other animals. If you aren’t sure what your pet may be susceptible to, you can call Indy Veterinary Care, your local vet clinic in Philadelphia to help answer your questions.

Here are some preventative measures and information you should know to keep your pet safe.

Fleas, Ticks, & Treatment

Fleas and ticks can be deadly to your pet, especially when left unnoticed or untreated. Both fleas and ticks are blood-sucking parasites. They can cause itching, skin irritations, rashes, anemia, and more. It is important to understand the signs of these parasites and how to take action.

Fleas can cause your pet to be itching and biting itself. You may see the fleas crawling on the thinner haired areas. Other signs include flea dirt, black debris on your pet’s skin, or flea bites on your skin. Fleas multiply fast and can spread quickly if not taken care of. That’s why it is important to give your pet a flea and tick medication. This prevents you from having to bathe your pet with special shampoo and flea treat your home. It also prevents your pet from suffering from all of the biting and scratching.

Tick prevention is just as important. Ticks are dark, round-bodied parasites. They start small but grow as they feed. They bite down in one place and grow the longer they are in the spot. If you see a dark spot on your pet’s skin or find a scab-like area, be sure to check for a tick. It’s important to be careful when handling ticks because they can carry Lyme Disease. They are difficult to remove and just pulling on them may leave part of the tick behind. Using a flea and Tick prevention medication will keep you and your pet safe from the dangers and difficulties of tick bites.


There are multiple types of internal parasites that your pet can contract. It is often difficult to recognize the effects of these parasites until it becomes an issue. Because worms are internal parasites it may not be evident to the eye that your pet has them until it affects their health. Tapeworms, hookworms, and roundworms are just a couple of types of internal parasites that affect your pet. One way to identify if your pet has worms or another internal parasite is they may be present in their feces. Unfortunately, some parasites are too small to be seen. That’s why it is important to take your pet to the vet for regular check-ups or if they are acting differently. Your vet can test them for parasites and recommend treatment if needed. Additionally, giving them regular dewormer medication can be a great preventative measure.


Contact Indy Veterinary Care for veterinary services in Philadelphia, we can help with all of your pets’ needs. Don’t forget to ask us about finding flea, tick, and worm medications for your pets. Brands and dosage vary based on the type of animal, size, and age. Whether your pet is acting out of character or just needs a check-up you can set up an appointment with Indy Veterinary Care today!