What to Consider When Getting a New Puppy

If you are thinking of adding a member to your family, not only should you be very excited but it is important to be informed! Getting a puppy is a big purchase and it becomes an even bigger responsibility. This tiny little baby is going to be living with you and relying on you! Not only is it in your best interest to do some research, but also prepare the correct way to cut down the stress and anxiety and to know exactly what to expect when you are expecting (to get a puppy)!

When considering getting a pet in your home, it is important to think long and hard about a few things: Are you able to afford to properly care for your pet? Do you have a suitable home? Which type of pet/breed is the best option for you? Luckily, we have the technology to help us out with these important questions; not only can you research the internet, but having a conversation with a veterinarian in Philadelphia is a useful tool, as well as other resources like family members and 

friends who have pets of their own. Researching different breeds can help you determine which is appropriate for your home, lifestyle, and also financially. Some types of breeds are large and demand more space to move around and live. Other breeds can be susceptible to particular diseases and health conditions; to be informed on these conditions is beneficial before making a decision. You may want to speak to a veterinarian to get a feel for which breed meshes with your personality, your family dynamic, and lifestyle. Depending on the breed, some are more independent while others may require more attention and exercise/physical activity. Just like people, dogs have various wants and needs, as well as personality traits. Another important point to consider is if you already have pets or children, in which this can play a factor in getting a new puppy. 

Contacting breeders is a great way to get the ball rolling! They will have plenty of information on their breed and can help you step by step along the way when purchasing and preparing for a puppy. Another route many take is adopting/rescuing a puppy. This is also a great option, as there are many dogs in shelters and animal hospitals who need placement in a home. This is usually also a less expensive option. Speaking with a veterinarian to locate a shelter is going to be beneficial, to obtain accurate information about the organization as well as about their dogs.

When preparing for your new puppy, creating a checklist is a helpful strategy to be sure that you have thought of every item needed for a smooth and safe transition into your home. Some items may include puppy food and treats, a crate and bedding, toys, and setting up a new patient visit with your local Philly veterinarian. You can create a list of items or find one online, to ensure you are well prepared to welcome your new family member!